Spreading ❤️ Through Real Estate

Heart and Soul Shoes, Inc. is the brainchild of Heidi Andrews. While volunteering with the Lunch Buddy Program, Heidi would have lunch with kids who's parents or guidance counselors requested a mentor. After lunch, Heidi would head out to recess and play games with the kids until it was time for class to begin. 

One particular day, Heidi saw a student pull tape out of his backpack and attempt to secure the sole of his shoes to the upper before heading out to recess in the rain. Anonymously, Heidi arranged for that child to get a pair of new shoes.

  • For every buyer we represent, we will donate one pair of shoes.
  • For every seller we represent, we will donate one pair of shoes.
  • For every referral you send to us, we will donate one pair of shoes.
  • We will have shoe drives throughout the year and a chance to donate whenever you choose.

Heart and Soul Shoes is an outreach effort by the Andrews Real Estate Group

Through referrals to and closed sales in our real estate business, we provide hundreds of pairs of shoes for kids in our local community each year. Oh, by the way, if you come across anyone talking about buying or selling a home, please connect with us! A pair of shoes will be purchased for a child on your behalf. ​Spreading ♥ Through Real Estate If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us!

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